A Taste of Peru

With only 48 hours in Peru, we had very little time to waste. So to make the most of it, we made reservations at the fifth best restaurant in the world – Central Restaurant.

We don’t go to sit-downs often due to conflicting potty/diaper/food/snack/food-throwing/tantrum/socks/nap/etc schedules, so we were really living on the edge here. We tried to time it so that both girls would be well rested and on their best behaviour for when we’d arrive. Expectations were at an all time high!

We took the morning to stroll around the beachfront in Miraflores, and then slowly made our way over to Central, a 45 minute walk from where we were staying. We had lots of time to kill while Toddler slept in the stroller, and we really stretched her nap for all it’s worth.

Come reservation time, and just steps away from Central, I realized we left the diaper changer (and consequently all of our diapers) back at the Airbnb. Let’s just say we were not eager to ruin a fine dining experience with an impending diaper blowout and no change of clothes.

So, reservation be damned, we were now on the hunt for a store that sold diapers. Note, however, that there are no grocery stores per se in this corner of Lima; only small mercados that sell a banana or two. Swell.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of diapers right before going to Central, you have come to the right place- we did the leg work and there is this exactly one little tiny shop right over here:

And it sells diaper! – Yes. Diaper. Singular.

So we bought out their entire stock and headed over to Central.

Up next: Our 16-Course 3-Hour Gastronomical Central Experience

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