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We’re the family behind Sweet Little Journey. Usually this is the part where we tell you we quit our jobs and packed up all our stuff to travel full time. But that’s not quite our story.

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Danny and I met during the first week of our first year of university. We were both studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. It was during an exchange semester here that we went backpacking around Australia and Asia for two months and discovered our love for travel

Fast forward 5 years from the moment we met, we both graduated with Computer Science degrees and got married soon after. Our two kiddos came along and although our travel style drastically changed, we kept our travel spirits high. 

Our first baby got to go to Japan at just 4 months because Mom was craving sushi, and our second girl got to see the Hand of the Desert in Chile at just 5 months, because Mom wanted a photo. 

Our kids are now used to going on adventures with us and I like to think they’re hooked. 

Oh and back to the “quit our jobs to travel full time” thing – we’re still very much working our corporate 9-5 jobs to fund our travels. We get creative about how we take time off and just make sure to prioritize it 🙂

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