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Media Kit Sweet Little Journey
I'm at a loss for words - freaking amazing!
Peak Overland
Peak Overland LLC
Good morning!

We are absolutely dying over these assets! They have truly made our whole week. Thank you so much for your time in creating this, it looks like your girls had so much fun! Not to mention they have some sweet new gear too.
OMG!!!! The photos, the reviews, everything is just so beautiful and magical and AWESOME!!!!
You are amazing, THANK YOU!
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Dalya, that photo is AWESOME!!!! Not only is it stunning, just from a night sky perspective, but the yurt is still visible and the girls in the photo make it so special! This is by far the best photo of the yurt yet. It literally brings tears to my eyes, you have captured the essence of the yurt in one photo.

I have had a surge of inquiries for stays at the yurt in the last few days, perhaps from your social media channels, thank you!
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Yurt property in Creede