Travel Fails

Travel fails of 2018

We managed to do much better this year, compared to last year – didn’t get mugged, stranded, hospitalized, or scammed!

1. (Not) Stargazing in Westcliffe

Went on a road trip for some stargazing in one of the designated International Dark Sky areas in Westcliffe, Colorado, without checking the forecast. It was cloudy, rainy, and cold. Needless to say, we did not see a single star.

2. Paying $100 to take in this view in Germany.

We really needed to get to the top of the mountain to appreciate all the views below.

3. Running out of diapers.

If you are planning on running out of diapers, definitely don’t do it in Salzburg on a Sunday. Apparently, every single store that stocks diapers is to be closed on the day of the lord.

Coming to terms with the non-existence of diaper-carrying stores, we spent the next hour guessing the ages of other families’ toddlers and gaining up the courage to ask them for a spare. Luckily one nice family came through.

4. Driving away with our hosts’ keys

Yup. In Danny’s pocket. And realizing this at the end of our 2hr drive.

Good thing we can just mail those keys to our hosts though. But not on Sunday. Cause everything is closed.

2 thoughts on “Travel fails of 2018

  1. Great post and funny. Sad part about diapers.

    On other note, I thought only us can come to feet of Christ the Reedemer statue and not being able to see even the face of Christ, not speaking of the view of Rio de Janeiro.

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