Travel Fails

Travel Fails of 2017

1. Getting mugged in Paris

We got up bright and early (as dictated by our 9 month old who apparently really wanted to watch the sunrise over the Eiffel Tower) and made our way to the tourist landmarks of Paris. The moment we emerged from the subway, we were surrounded by a group of teenagers asking us to sign some petition. Danny waved them off and tried to keep walking, but they surrounded him from all angles and he couldn’t get through. Eventually we made it past all the commotion, and it occurred to me to look back.

And there it was – Danny’s wallet in the hands of one of the girls. I’m guessing she was new, since she had the deer in headlights look, and so Danny yanked his wallet right back out of her hands and we ran.

2. Stranded in Lagos

TL;DR – our somewhat-automatic-but-maybe-manual rental car just straight up died while going 120km/h on the highway. With no cell service and no civilization in sight, we had to flaunt our 9-month-old baby to get someone to pity us enough to pull over. Many hours later, we were finally brought back to the rental company.
So that they could give us the same car.
But in a different colour.
Full post here

3. Getting a tour of the Children’s Hospital in Nice

Family trip to the hospital in an ambulance. Thankfully everything turned out fine, but we did end up spending the night under serious monitoring.

4. Getting kicked off the train in Japan

We bought a rail pass that let us use all the trains in Japan. EXCEPT for one train.

So we made sure to board it.

Full post here

5. Missing out on Kiyomizudera by ONE day

We even made it there for sunrise.

This temple went under construction the day before we arrived. I had no idea and assembled the gang to come here for sunrise :/

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