On our first day, we ventured out to Chiyoda area. I wanted to hit some of the Cherry Blossom spots. The really cool thing was that since Hanami and Sakura season is such a huge event in Japan, Google Maps adds temporary Cherry Blossom viewing spots directly on their maps.

We walked around the East Imperial Gardens, but were still quite early in the season for the blossoms

I remember picking a particularly beautiful and fully blossomed tree to take a photo of, when a local passed behind me and shouted “Imitation! Imitation!”. I quietly put my camera away and carried on.

Some actual, not imitation Sakura:

Next, we hit up the Japan Google office for lunch. I didn’t realize that the office here was in the 5th tallest building in Tokyo, so lunch came with a fantastic view

As well as our first taste of real, Japanese sushi (90% of the reason we wanted to travel to Japan)

A was amazing the whole time, smiling at everyone and looking around. We also made use of the mother’s room, which I had access to from my home office, and had her take a long 2hr nap there.

This was also when I noticed she was running a mild fever, so I was mildly losing my mind and we took her home as soon as she was up. I must’ve checked her temp at least 234987 times, and it kept fluctuating between 36.9-37.1C, which is juuuust below the ‘fever’ line. I started questioning everything and hating myself for bringing this poor child with us to Japan, and even considered booking the first flight back home that I could find. But after a solid 24hrs of sleep (yes, with feeds sprinkled in there somewhere), she woke up with a huge smile and was happy as a clam.

**Shoutout to my best friend back home who was able to calm me down even just a tiny bit while I was losing it**

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