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This was another highlight for me, and a nice break from the Kyoto station madness. As usual, we were the first tourists on the first train to Arashiyama. We headed straight to the bamboo forest, where we spent a good 40 mins trying to get the perfect shot with Babes, and probably photobombing both of […]


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This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip, for both Danny and I. Seeing the peace memorial, and walking through the museum was a moving experience. With Babes’ cooperation, we were able to spend a good two hours reading about everything that happened, and the after effects the radiation had on the people […]


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Since our days started at 5am, we had lots of morning time for exploring. We decided to check out the busiest intersection in the world – Shibuya Crossing At apparently the least busy time ever. One Starbucks latte later, we were on our way to our next destination, Hiroshima. We ended up boarding the local […]


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On our first day, we ventured out to Chiyoda area. I wanted to hit some of the Cherry Blossom spots. The really cool thing was that since Hanami and Sakura season is such a huge event in Japan, Google Maps adds temporary Cherry Blossom viewing spots directly on their maps. We walked around the East […]