Concon Dunes

After spending a week in the desert we thought it was time to see some of Chile’s gorgeous beaches and the beautiful Concon Dunes. So we headed straight for the coastline west of Santiago – Viña Del Mar.

Viña Del Mar is a somewhat resort-y and way-less-sketchy-than-neighboring-Valparaiso beach town. The gorgeous sunset views from our Airbnb were unparalleled. The apartment also came with a heated indoor and outdoor pool, and was a short 5 minute drive to the beach.

Although we had planned to see Valparaiso while here, we decided against it. After reading countless stories of people getting mugged in broad daylight at even the “safest” areas of the city, we thought it best we stick to the beaches.

Since it was low season, we were able to enjoy long stretches of beaches pretty much all to ourselves.

Large sand dune at the Concon Dunes near Vina del Mar
Reñaca beach

It was too cold to swim, but the girls enjoyed themselves nonetheless.

Baby on the beach

We also found time to take some fun aerial shots. Danny happened to catch the split second where Toddler was holding my hand before she ran off.

Renaca Beach near Vina del Mar, Chile
Viña Del Mar

Note to self: do not fly drone with stray beach dogs around; Danny had to pull some fancy parkour maneuvers to climb onto rocks and catch the drone midair before the dogs got to it.

Conveniently enough, our apartment also happened to be just a short walk away from the Concon Dunes. So much for leaving the desert behind!

Large sand dune at the Concon Dunes near Vina del Mar
Concon Dunes, Chile

The dunes are sandwiched right between two cities on the Pacific coast of Chile. Once again, our toddler (lover of all things sandy) didn’t want to leave. We had such a blast that we ended up coming back twice.

Large sand dune at the Concon Dunes near Vina del Mar
Concon Dunes, Chile

Sunset on the dunes made for some phenomenal views.

Sunset at the Concon Dunes with our Toddler
Concon Dunes Sunset
Concon Dunes with Concon in the background
Concon Dunes Sunset

Beach time over!

Next Up: Penguins!

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